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"I can change the world..with my own two hands" (Ben Harper)


We are all particularly inspired at GCC Volunteers by this one sentence of a great song.

It is the essence of volunteering in a developing country.

Offering not much more than this, you can improve the life of a child, a family or even a community. It only takes the will to help others, the time to give, and your own two hands.

So now read on to find out about how you can help....



The Vietnam Program...

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You will visit two orphanages in the Da Nang region where the Vietnamese Physiotherapist and program managers will guide you in your work. This may include

  • hygiene and care tasks 

  • feeding babies and infants 

  • playing and socialising

  • teaching simple English words and songs based on age and abilities 

  • assisting the physiotherapist with simple and enjoyable exercises and tasks to improve the movement abilities of the children with a disability



Volunteer Program

Charity Clinic










You will participate in the running of a charity clinic for disadvantaged and disabled children. The physiotherapist and program managers will assist you in every aspect of your work, which is simple, but important in ensuring the children develop to the best of their abilities. Much of the tasks are based around learning, play and simple exercises.


Helping the children in the program practice conversational English greatly improves their chances of employment in later years.

The program includes two schools where volunteers (with the assistance of Vietnamese staff) attend each week to converse in basic English school age children, often helping them with their English homework. The focus of this program is speaking, play and socialising.

We often take the kids on excursions too, and they LOVE playing soccer with us. All of these activities provide really useful opportunities for the students to increase their access to English speakers and to learn to use the language in a fun and non formal way. We are always on the look out for trained and experienced teacher volunteers to help us expand this program.

The Program also assists a school in Da Nang that specialises in children with Autism. The teachers there are grateful for help in working with the children, especially if you have particular teaching skills.


Frequently Asked Questions about the Individual Volunteer Program

Does it cost money to volunteer?

Yes. These costs are to cover inclusions such as accommodation, meals and transport. Please go to the top menu and click on 'Costs' for a full explanation.

Do I need any particular qualifications?

No. We value volunteers from many different walks of life. We each have a wealth of skills and life experiences that may be useful. We do however love our volunteers who are physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, nurses, doctors and teachers (particularly special needs teachers) . Please let us know your background in your application so we can ensure your skills are put to the best use.

Am I guaranteed to be accepted?

No. We do have some requirements to ensure that you and those around you will be safe and that you will be suited to the program. It is also essential that the children in the program are safe at all times. Some of the requirements we look at may include age, criminal history and past history of medical conditions where volunteering may pose a risk to health and safety. You will also need a current passport, appropriate visa and comprehensive travel insurance. We need to see your current CV, and as a requirement from Vietnam, we are unable to accept those with convictions recorded on a current police check.




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